Expert Hearings - London

The Inquiry will be holding further public hearings, where evidence from some of its appointed experts will be heard.

Expert hearings in London will take place over five days at Fleetbank House. Please click on your preferred date to register your interest in attending or contact us for more details.

If you wish to attend individual dates, please complete a registration form for each of the dates you would like to attend or choose from all dates if you wish to attend for the full five days.

You will need to complete more than one form if you are registering for another person.

Please note, expression of interest to attend does not guarantee your place at this point.


London 21 to 22 November (both days)

London - 21 November

London - 22 November


London 26 to 28 November (all days)

London - 26 November

London - 27 November

London - 28 November



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