Hearings Response Form (week of 17 May & 24 May)

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This is the registration site for the Infected Blood Inquiry 2021 hearings. Please check the timetable when deciding which days you would like to attend.

The Inquiry is asking you to register your interest in attending the hearings by Friday 7 May. This is because running hearings in line with public health guidance involves detailed planning and requires the Inquiry team to have advance information about who is attending on a particular day, for seating and catering reasons.     

As seating for each hearing day is limited we are asking you to specify your reason for attending a particular hearing session. 

While it will be possible to register your interest in attending later, depending on the interest shown, we may need to use a reserve list. 

If the public health guidance changes we will provide an update on our website about the impact on these hearings. Please note that expressing your interest to attend does not guarantee your place at this point. The Inquiry team will contact  you to confirm the position at the earliest opportunity. 

The Inquiry will refund reasonable expenses to attend the hearings, however, no travel or accommodation will be refunded if booked before you have received confirmation of your attendance.

If you have any further questions about how we will be running the hearings, please contact us.