How to take part in the Inquiry

If you, or a member of your family, received infected blood or infected blood products you are invited to give your evidence to the Inquiry.

You can give evidence to the Inquiry either as a written statement or by speaking to an intermediary. Evidence given to the Inquiry will contribute to its findings and recommendations.

The first thing we ask is that people who were either infected themselves, or affected because a family member received infected blood or blood products complete a short form (DOCX, 3 pages - 34.9kb) so that we know how many people are interested in providing evidence. This statement of approach (PDF, 1 page - 62kb) sets out more details about the information you will need to provide in the short form. 

Other people who believe they can help the Inquiry should contact the Inquiry team

Written witness statements

If you decide to give a written statement to the Inquiry, an investigator will interview you. You can have a friend or family member with you when you do this. You can  decide where you would like this interview to take place - for example over video link, or in a neutral venue convenient for you, such as a hotel.

You can give your evidence anonymously, or as a named witness. During the interview, you will be able to say as little or as much as feels comfortable for you, and you will be able to take as many breaks as you need. 

Inquiry Intermediaries

Some people told the Inquiry that they would have difficulty in providing a written statement and would prefer to share their experience in a less formal way. The Inquiry  recruited three trained professionals to act as intermediaries for these conversations. The intermediaries have produced a report based on conversations with 85 people who spoke to them anonymously.

The intermediaries continue to be available for people who would like to contribute to the Inquiry by speaking to them. You can learn more about the Inquiry Intermediaries here.

The Inquiry provides confidential psychological support for anyone affected by treatment with infected blood or blood products.




Invitation to witness  

Invitation to witnesses PDF, 1 page - 62kb

Form to express interest in providing evidence  
Witness statement  

Witness statements PDF, 10 pages - 146kb

Anonymity and redaction  

Anonymity and redaction PDF, 8 pages - 99kb