How to take part in the Inquiry

The Inquiry is inviting people who are infected and affected to tell the Inquiry how they would like to provide evidence.

The Inquiry is asking people who are infected or affected to complete a short form (DOCX, 3 pages - 34.9kb) so that we know how many people are interested in providing evidence. This is an important form. We hope many people will complete it. We are not asking you to provide a written statement now.

The invitation to witnesses (PDF, 1 page - 62kb) sets out the different ways in which people who are infected or affected can provide evidence, and what they need to do.

Some people have told the Inquiry that the stigma attached to their experiences meant they would have difficulty in providing witness statements in the traditional way associated with public inquiries. To ensure that these people could still share their experiences, the Inquiry has recruited three trained professionals to act as intermediaries.

The intermediaries continue to be available for people who would like to contribute to the Inquiry by speaking to them rather than by giving a witness statement. You can learn more about the Inquiry Intermediaries here.

Other people who believe they can help the Inquiry should contact the Inquiry team



Invitation to witness  

Invitation to witnesses PDF, 1 page - 62kb

Form to express interest in providing evidence  
Witness statement  

Witness statements PDF, 10 pages - 146kb

Anonymity and redaction  

Anonymity and redaction PDF, 8 pages - 99kb