The Government has set up an independent public inquiry into the Infected Blood scandal.

Following his appointment as Chair of the Infected Blood Inquiry on 8 February 2018 (see the written statement to Parliament of that date), Sir Brian Langstaff and the Inquiry Team have been working on the Inquiry’s consultation on its Terms of Reference. This closed on 26th April. Once the responses to the consultation have been analysed and considered the Chair will make his recommendation to the Minister.

The Terms of Reference determine the scope of a Public Inquiry and the Infected Blood Inquiry cannot begin to consider evidence before they are in place. The process for obtaining Terms of Reference is for the Chair to make a recommendation on the scope of the Inquiry to the Minister of the sponsoring Department, in this case David Lidington, Minister for the Cabinet Office. The Minister will then announce the Terms of Reference and the Inquiry’s setting-up date to Parliament.

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