Principles of the Inquiry

The chair of the Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff outlined the 6 key principles that should govern the processes of the Inquiry. These principles are:


1.) People:

Individuals will be at the heart of the Inquiry - those infected and affected will be heard first (and not just in London but UK wide), the hearings will not be in a courtroom, and the Inquiry recognises how traumatic giving evidence may be and will work in a sensitive manner.


2.) Thoroughness:

The Inquiry will be completed as quickly as reasonable thoroughness permits - we recognise that those infected and affected are still suffering today.


3.) Respect:

Respect for a person’s entitlement to be heard. The Inquiry recognises that people will bring different perspectives and all will be given a proper hearing.


4.) Openness and Transparency:

The Inquiry will be as open and transparent as it is legally possible to be.


5.) Independence:

The Inquiry is independent of government and frightened of no one in the conclusions it draws. Its conclusions will be made “without fear or favour, affection or ill will”.


6.) Listening:

The Inquiry will listen both to procedural suggestions from core participants and to the evidence and give both proper thought.


You can watch the first day of the Preliminary Hearings where Sir Brian outlines these principles here.