Inquiry Intermediaries

The Chair of the Inquiry, Brian Langstaff wants everyone who was infected, or is close to someone who was infected, to be able to participate in the Inquiry. Giving a formal written statement is not always the most appropriate way to do this.

The Inquiry recruited three trained professionals to act as intermediaries. This will ensure that everyone, including people who do not have detailed information are able to share their experiences.

You can share your experience with an Inquiry intermediary in a confidential, non-judgmental environment where you feel most comfortable - this could be at home over the phone, or in somewhere convenient to you such as a hotel. During your conversation, you will be able to share as little, or as much information as you like. The conversations are informal, and you can share your experience anonymously. 

The intermediaries are responsible for providing the Chair of the Inquiry with an anonymised report based on the conversations they have had with individuals, and families.  You can find out more about each of them below. 

Once you have spoken to  the intermediary, they will write a jointly agreed report based on your account, which will be reflected in the anonymised report they provide to the Chair of the Inquiry. 

In January 2020, intermediaries submitted their first report to the Inquiry, which covers a number of people’s experiences, without revealing their identities. In February 2020, the intermediaries gave evidence on their work at a public hearing. 

The intermediary service will be available throughout the Inquiry so  if you would like to speak to an intermediary please contact the Inquiry Team on freephone 0808 169 1377, complete the Inquiry’s short form, or email: cont[email protected]

The Inquiry provides confidential psychological support for anyone affected by treatment with infected blood or blood products.