Support Groups

Support Groups

SupportThere are a number of support groups which are open to new members and we have been given this information to share with Inquiry participants. We have indicated below which are Facebook groups and which are contactable in other ways.

Please note that the groups below are independent of the Infected Blood Inquiry. 

If you have a support group which you think should be included on this page, please contact us.

Facebook Groups (all private)

The support groups found here are all on Facebook and are set as private groups, and only members can see who's in the group and what they post.

BloodLoss Families Inquiries support UK  

BloodLoss Families Inquiry support UK is a support group for people in the UK who are infected and affected by transfusions or blood products.

Contaminated Blood Campaign  

Contaminated Blood CampaignContaminated Blood Campaign campaigns for justice for people infected and affected by contaminated blood and blood products.

Contaminated Whole Blood UK  

Contaminated Whole Blood UK is a support group for people who have been infected or affected with hepatitis C through contaminated whole blood.

Factor 8  

Factor 8Factor 8 is for people infected and affected by Hepatitis C / HIV infected factor concentrate products in the 1970s and 1980s.

Friends and families of haemophilia, Northern Ireland  

Friends and families of haemophilia, Northern Ireland is for people in Northern Ireland affected by bleeding disorders or by contaminated blood.

Tainted Blood  

Tainted Blood is a campaign group for victims of contaminated blood blood in the UK, their families, and the families of those have died.

Tainted Blood Bereaved Parents Support Group  

Tainted Blood Bereaved Parents Support Group is for bereaved parents who have lost their child, or children, as a result of infection through treatment with blood or blood products.

Tainted Blood Widows & Bereaved Partners  

Tainted Blood Widows & Bereaved PartnersTainted Blood Widows & Bereaved Partners supports widows/widowers and bereaved partners of haemophiliacs who died as a result of infected blood products.

The Fatherless Generation  

The Fatherless GenerationThe Fatherless Generation is for the children of haemophiliacs who died because of contaminated blood products.

Other Forums

The groups found here can be contacted either via a website or by email address.

Colette Wintle (Independent Campaigner)  

Colette supports people with Hepatitis B and C and acts as a representative for women with bleeding disorders, collaborating with Haemophilia Action UK on campaign issues and media. To get in contact, email Colette Wintle: [email protected].

Factor 8 Positive Women  

Factor 8 Positive Women is an independent campaign and support group for HIV positive women fighting for truth and justice in the Factor 8 contaminated blood products scandal.

Haemophilia Action UK  

Haemophilia Action UK is a campaign, support group set up in 1994, for those infected/affected by contaminated blood and provides information, research and media. To contact, email Carol Grayson: [email protected].

Haemophilia Scotland  

Haemophilia ScotlandHaemophilia Scotland aims to support individuals and families in Scotland with haemophilia, von Willebrand and other bleeding disorders.

Haemophilia Northern Ireland  

Haemophilia Northern IrelandHaemophilia Northern Ireland is an independent charity based in Northern Ireland, which aims to support local people and their families affected by bleeding disorders.

Haemophilia Wales  

Haemophilia WalesHaemophilia Wales provides information, support and advocacy to people with haemophilia, von Willebrand and other bleeding disorders, including their families and carers.


HaemosexualHaemosexual is a community based online support group, and information resource advocating for anyone with a bleeding disorder or impacted by contaminated blood from the LGBTQ+ community.

North West England Support Group  

North West England Support Group is for infected and affected people living in Lancashire, Manchester, Cheshire and the Lake District, and other parts of the North West. To get in contact with this group, email Nicola Leahey: [email protected].

The Birchgrove Group  

The Birchgrove GroupThe Birchgrove Group provides support for people with haemophilia, their wives and partners who were infected with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C through blood products in Great Britain.

The Forgotten Few  

The Forgotten Few is a support group for haemophiliacs who were infected with HIV and hepatitis C through blood products.

The Haemophilia Society  

The Haemophilia SocietyThe Haemophilia Society is a UK-wide organisation for anyone infected and affected by a bleeding disorder, including haemophilia and von Willebrand.

The Hepatitis C Trust  

The Hepatitis C TrustThe Hepatitis C Trust is the national UK charity for hepatitis C, providing support and information to people infected and affected, and has recently started a support group.

Scottish Infected Blood Forum  

SIBFThe Scottish Infected Blood Forum supports people infected with hepatitis C through blood or blood products.