Statements of approach

All public inquiries publish documents explaining how they will go about their work: this Inquiry describes such documents as 'statements of approach'.

It is not necessary to read all of these statements in full to participate in the Inquiry: the Guide to Statements of Approach (PDF, 4 pages - 89kb) sets out the key points so you can decide what to read. If you have any questions about the documents please get in touch with the Inquiry team.


Guide to statements of approach  

Guide to statements of approach PDF, 4 pages - 89kb

Invitation to witnesses  

Invitation to witnesses PDF, 1 page - 62kb

Written statements  

Written statements PDF, 10 pages - 146kb

Anonymity and redaction  

Anonymity and redaction PDF, 8 pages - 99kb

Core participants  

Core participants PDF, 8 pages - 113kb

Chair's statement on core participants  
Legal representation at public expense  
Notice of Determination  

Notice of Determination PDF, 3 pages - 119kb

Expert Groups  

Expert Groups PDF, 4 pages - 77kb

Chair's Statement of Intent on Disclosure and Legal Professional Privilege  
Restriction Orders  
Legal jurisdiction  

Legal jurisdiction - PDF, 2 pages

Application for Award for Legal Expenses to be Incurred  
Selection of witnesses to provide oral evidence  
Warning letter procedure  
Questioning of witnesses  
Information about the inquiry hearings