Hepatitis C: treatment and aftercare across the UK

Update from NHS and other organisations at Inquiry’s expert hearings

On 28 February 2020, the final day of the expert hearings, Jenni Richards QC, Counsel to the Inquiry presented information about the treatment of people living with hepatitis C from written statements provided by NHS and other organisations across the four nations of the UK. The two questions put to the NHS organisations focused on scans, blood tests and other monitoring offered to someone diagnosed with hepatitis C, and any follow-up service offered after successful treatment. Ms Richards explained she was sharing this because people participating in the Inquiry had not necessarily had a consistent answer from their own treating hospitals and trusts.

A transcript of 28 February’s hearing (including Counsel to the Inquiry’s summary of the responses received from the four nations across the UK - beginning on page 153) is available on the Inquiry’s website here.

We have included links to the relevant statements below so that you can find the information for where you live.

Psychological Support

Other statements also provided information on the availability of psychological support and are included here for convenience.