Interim Payments

At the end of the Summer hearings on 29 July 2022, Sir Brian made a closing statement in which he announced the publication of a report on interim payments.  

The video clip of this statement can be found on the Inquiry YouTube Channel and an extract is below:

”It is a report about interim payments only. As you read it, please bear in mind that the full scale of the evidence heard and read by the Inquiry, and the results of its investigative work, can only be recognised in my final report. Please also remember I have no power to order interim payments. My sole power is to make a recommendation. It doesn't have to be accepted by Government, nor does it have to be accepted in full. 

I set out to answer two questions. First, whether I should exercise my powers to make a recommendation that interim payments should be made... The second issue concerned the scope of those payments, and this is more complex. Sir Robert Francis QC recommended interim payments because the payment of full compensation could not be delivered quickly. He made a compelling case that interim payments are needed now to alleviate suffering, and further suffering, and I agree with him and I am obliged to recognise that the practical way to make payments swiftly is to do so through the current infected blood support schemes. And that's why I've decided to recommend that interim payments of no less than £100,000 are made to all the infected people and all the bereaved partners who are currently registered with the schemes and those who register between now and the inception of any future scheme. 

I know that that will be disappointing to some of you who may fall into neither category, and I apologise for that. I ask those who are disappointed to remember that this is not the end of the Inquiry's work and the question of compensation and its scope is not resolved in this short report on interim payments. I repeat. The interim report concerns only whether I should recommend interim payments”

The interim report on interim payments and the accompanying letter can be found below:

Infected Blood Inquiry Interim Report  
Accompanying letter to Cabinet office from Sir Brian Langstaff  

The full transcript of Sir Brian's summer closing statement can be found here.