Michelle Sholzberg

Clinical Haematologist

Dr. Michelle Sholzberg received her MDCM and residency training in Internal Medicine at McGill University and she completed additional postgraduate training in Hematology at the University of Toronto. She has also completed a research hemostasis fellowship in Toronto. Dr. Sholzberg has a Master of Science from the University of Toronto in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research. She is a clinical hematologist with a focus on bleeding and is the Medical Director of the Coagulation Laboratory at St. Michael’s Hospital. She is also the Co-Director of the Blood Immunology Trauma Translational Research Theme. Her research interests include disorders of hemostasis and common anemias. Currently, she is involved in the study of: prediction tools for perioperative bleeding, new treatments for immune thrombocytopenia, von Willebrand disease and hemophilia as well as innovative tools for the management of iron deficiency anemia.

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