30 June 2022

Expert Group on statistics update


Convenor of the statistics expert group has written to Sir Brian

The statistics expert group is due to publish their report in September and give evidence at a hearing in early October.

Ahead of this, the convenor, Professor Stephen Evans, wrote to Sir Brian to explain the group’s approach: 

We propose that the report we publish in September should set out, based on the most reliable data available and with clearly stated assumptions, the likely ranges for the numbers of people who have been infected through blood and blood products and, where possible, their subsequent mortality.  We will also publish the statistical models we have created.

I understand from the Inquiry team that the evidence has touched on a number of statistical issues during the course of the Inquiry’s hearings.  We will explain any relevant statistical principles of interest in our report and when we give evidence at a hearing in early October.” 

Sir Brian confirmed that the group’s approach will place the Inquiry in a good position to answer the terms of reference with regard to the numbers of people infected and thanked the group for their contribution to the Inquiry.

You can read the letter here and Sir Brian’s reply here.