5 August 2019

Inquiry confirms second round of appointments of expert group members

Members will provide expert advice to the Inquiry across a range of subjects

We are today able to formally confirm the second round of appointments to the expert groups who will be providing advice to the Inquiry in a transparent and open way.

Experts from a range of fields will help the Inquiry to examine how men, women and children in the UK were given infected blood and/or infected blood products; the impact on their families; how the authorities (including government) responded; the nature of any support provided following infection; and questions of consent.

Today’s expert appointments can be viewed here

These experts are from the fields of: haematology, transfusion medicine, hepatology, immunology, virology, medical ethics, public health and administration, psychosocial impact, general practice and dentistry. 

A third round of nominees for the expert groups will be announced in due course.

Chair of the Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff said:

“I’m pleased that we are able to confirm all the nominees from the second round to be experts for the Inquiry. They are leaders in their fields and will provide unrivalled expertise to the Inquiry in our pursuit of the truth.”