6 October 2021

Inquiry publishes further timetable information and opens registration for November hearings


The timetable for hearings taking place from 2 November - 19 November has now been published here, and you can register to attend here.  We are asking people to do this by Wednesday 13 October. 

These hearings will mainly focus on evidence regarding Blood Services, with a series of presentations by Counsel to the Inquiry and witness evidence.  This will follow on from evidence that includes a continued series of presentations by Counsel to the Inquiry and witness evidence in relation to pharmaceutical companies involved in blood products. 

The Inquiry will continue to facilitate the participation of everyone watching proceedings remotely by offering access to a live broadcast, in addition to the YouTube broadcast which has a short delay.

Hearings will be taking place in the Infected Blood Inquiry’s new home - Aldwych House, 71-91 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4HN.  The capacity of Aldwych House is similar to that of Fleetbank House. 

We are continuing to ask anyone who is considering whether to attend in person to think carefully about the risks and benefits before registering.  Due to the continued risk from coronavirus, the number of Inquiry participants, recognised legal representatives and media who can attend is significantly lower than before the pandemic and, as usual, we will operate a ballot for seats if oversubscribed.  

We will publish the witness timetable for subsequent hearing weeks nearer the time. The indicative timetable until mid December is available here.