14 March 2019

Register your interest in attending Inquiry hearings

Details on how to apply to attend the Inquiry's hearings around the UK

The Inquiry is holding hearings from 30 April in London, Belfast, Leeds, Edinburgh and Cardiff (dates can be found here) at which people infected and affected will give their personal testimony.

Each day and week of these hearings will take the same approach, with three witnesses expected to give their testimony on each day (apart from the first day when two witnesses will be called).

The Chair is selecting witnesses (further information here) to ensure that at each set of hearings evidence is given covering a range of conditions, sources of infection and time periods, to help get to the truth of what happened.

The Inquiry does not expect to publish the first schedule of witnesses giving oral evidence in London until April but can confirm that each day, and week, will be of equal importance. A list of witnesses for other venues will be published a few weeks ahead of those hearings.

Although the hearings will be available to watch online, and transcripts will be placed on the Inquiry website at the end of each day, we anticipate that many people will want to attend in person.

Witnesses and their immediate family or supporters will be given priority but as the witnesses will not be known for some weeks and many people want to support those speaking, we are opening registration today so people can register now for dates and venues they already know they wish to attend.

The Inquiry will pay travel expenses for people infected and affected attending the hearing closest to their home. We will consider requests to travel to another venue if there are special circumstances. Where it is not reasonable to expect someone to travel to a hearing on the day, the Inquiry can authorise overnight accommodation. 

Chair of the Inquiry Sir Brian Langstaff said:

“I have committed to hearing first in this Inquiry from the people infected and affected who have waited so long to be able to give their testimony. First and foremost this Inquiry is about people.

“This is a UK-wide Inquiry which is why I will be hearing from people in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Leeds as well as London to give the greatest opportunity for people to attend a hearing close to their home. I understand that this Inquiry brings with it many different emotions for the people involved.  Some people will prefer to follow the Inquiry from a distance, by watching or reading about it online. However, I recognise that others will feel able to attend and welcome their support for those who are giving their testimony. “

To register your interest in attending one of the public hearings, please follow this link.