14 December 2018

Update on local meetings with the Inquiry team

An opportunity to ask your questions about the Inquiry and to get updates on our work in venues across the country.

The Inquiry will be holding meetings for people who have been infected and/or affected and who would like to get an update from the Inquiry team in a location near where they live.

The team will be visiting the following locations between January and March next year:

Nottingham - 29 January Hastings - 5 March
Birmingham - 30 January Cardiff - 7 March
London - 7 February Bristol - 8 March
Newcastle - 12 February Norwich - 12 March
Carlisle - 13 February Southampton - 19 March
Liverpool - 26 February Perth - 23 March
Manchester - 27 February Dungannon - 26 March
Leeds - 28 February Plymouth - 29 March


If you would like to attend one of these meetings, you can register your interest by visiting our events page or contact us for more details.

For information on our Glasgow meeting please contact us for further information.

We will be holding other meetings across the UK at intervals throughout the Inquiry and will post future dates on the website as soon as they are confirmed.