Philippa Easterbrook

Senior Scientist

Professor Philippa Easterbrook is an infectious disease physician, epidemiologist and researcher who has more than two decades of experience in clinical care and response to the global HIV epidemic, and over the last decade also in global elimination of hepatitis C and B infection. She has worked in the UK, United States and in many low and middle income countries affected by these epidemics, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. For eleven years, she was head of department, professor of HIV Medicine, and consultant physician in Infectious Diseases at King’s College London, and also Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases at Imperial College, and Head of research at the Infectious Diseases Institute in Uganda. She currently works at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva. Professor Easterbrook also served as a member of the UK Medical Research Council Infection and Immunity Committee. Her HIV research has encompassed epidemiology, clinical trials, operational and qualitative research, and laboratory-based studies, and she has published around 300 articles and reviews.

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