Sir Ian Magee

Former Civil Servant

Until 2005, Ian Magee was 2nd Permanent Secretary at the Department for Constitutional Affairs and Head of Profession for Operational Delivery for the whole Civil Service. He has been a CEO of three different Executive Agencies. Ian was a member of the Capability Review team for the Cabinet Office. Ian followed a portfolio career after leaving the civil service. For 5 years, he was a Senior Adviser to Booz & Company, international management consultants. He has chaired several Top Management Programmes and was an Executive Coach to senior civil servants and others. Other roles have included chairing the Geographic Information Group, an Advisory Committee of BIS; membership of two private sector Boards; and a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government. Ian conducted reviews of criminality information for the Home Secretary (2008) and the Legal Services Commission for the Justice Secretary (2010). He has a special interest in public sector leadership.

Ian Magee