17 April 2019

Inquiry publishes General Restriction Order

Explanation of how and why information in witness statements will be redacted

During our hearings, individual witnesses’ statements will be published on our website after they have spoken.

Some of the information in those statements will be redacted. We have today published a General Restriction Order (GRO) that explains why information may have been removed and what areas the information covered.

There are four categories of redaction and a code will be used to overwrite the redacted information:

  1. Medical Records (coded as GRO-A) where information in medical records which identifies the individual is redacted.

  1. Anonymity Order (GRO-B) which protects anonymous witnesses and any information which may identify them.

  1. Personal Information (GRO-C) such as date of birth, contact information, signatures, names of children, special category information about other people (such as religious beliefs or medical information about other family members).

  1. Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Inquiry (GRO-D) e.g. criticism of a person or organisation, such as discrimination by an employer, where a response is not required.  

The full document can be found here. The information redacted may not be disclosed during the Inquiry or at any time after it. A breach of the Order may result in criminal proceedings and can be punished with a fine or imprisonment.