Local meetings with the Inquiry team


An opportunity to hear about the Inquiry’s work, and ask your questions about the Inquiry, at meetings across the UK.

The Inquiry will be holding local meetings for people infected and affected across the UK in the weeks of 17 and 24 April, and the first week of May. The aim of these meetings is to share updates on the work of the Inquiry, and give participants the opportunity to ask questions and talk to other Inquiry participants.

We will be holding these meetings in person. There will be one of our regular zoom update meetings on 26 April. 

The meetings will take place in the following cities:

Bangor - 17 April Plymouth - 25 April
Liverpool - 18 April London - 26 April
Manchester - 18 April Norwich - 27 April
Leeds - 19 April Bournemouth - 28 April
Newcastle - 20 April Nottingham - 2 May
Edinburgh - 20 April Birmingham - 2 May
Inverness - 21 April Belfast - 3 May
Cardiff - 24 April Derry - 4 May
Bristol - 24 April


If you would like to come to one of these meetings, you can register your interest by completing this form.