Public Hearings

January and February 2022 hearings are being held remotely



You can see our latest timetable here



The latest 2022 Inquiry Hearings Factsheet will be available as soon as hearings open up again for people to attend in-person.


Watch Live

The hearings are available to the public with a three-minute delay on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel. After each hearing, a video of the proceedings and the transcript will be available on the Inquiry evidence page.

People involved in the Inquiry also have the option to watch a live feed of the hearings without the three-minute delay. This feed is covered by a Restriction Order. The Inquiry team will email our mailing list to explain how to access the live broadcast. 


Hearings Completed 

A list of hearings already held can be found in our events archive where you can filter by date and hearing type to view all public hearings. Alternatively, if you wish to know whether a specific witness has provided evidence you can enter their name in the search bar on our main page or visit our evidence page and filter by the witnesses name.


Risk Assessment 

The Inquiry has adapted the hearing venue to reduce the risks from coronavirus in line with our risk assessment which you can access here.