Further Information and Terminology

Inquiries Act 2005

Only a Government Minister may establish an inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005. The Minister also sets out the Terms of Reference of an inquiry and decides who should chair it. The Terms of Reference set out the matters the inquiry must consider. Download the Inquiries Act 2005 PDF, 39 pages – 207kb

Inquiry Rules 2006

The Inquiry Rules 2006 (the Rules) are a "statutory guide" for the Chair of the Inquiry and provide detailed rules on evidence and procedure, records management, legal representation and expenses. Download the Inquiry Rules 2006 PDF, 12 pages – 70kb

"Infected and affected"

You will see references on this website and in the Inquiry's Terms of Reference to 'infected and affected persons'. 'Infected' means people who were infected by blood or blood products, and 'affected' means partners, children, parents, families, carers and others close to people infected.

Privacy Notice

This notice explains how the Infected Blood Inquiry collects and uses personal information. Privacy Notice